Why doesn’t the removalist have insurance to cover my goods?

The removalist cover is only for the external of items that is within their control. There are many circumstances for which a removalist is not liable to make good for any loss or damage to your goods. This is particularly the case when all care is taken, but damage occurs regardless of the best packing and handling methods.
There are also many things beyond the removalists’ control for which they are not liable – such as the internals of packed boxes. Basically, boxes not packed by the removalist (usually known as PBO cartons – Packed By Owner).
Secondly the internal of all the electrical items (for the moves to check every electrical item on every setting would be very time-consuming plus the item may not have been working before the removalist moved it) this would make for a lot of claims for items that never worked.
The third main risk is other road users, if an accident was caused by a 3rd party due to their negligence this would be deemed to be out of the removalist control.
There are other likely circumstances, for example floods, fire and the structural integrity of the items or property the removers are at, such as stairs collapsing.
That’s why it’s always beneficial to investigate any home and contents insurance policy you may have and ask your movers questions about insurance that will cover any gaps in your policy.

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