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Secure Storage Northern Beaches, North Shore and Sydney

— Storage from $42 Per Week* which includes GST! —

(*Payment is required upfront for the discounted rates to be applied)

2019 Self-Storage Special Offer - Free Northern Beaches Collection!

Reasons to Choose Pittwater Removals for your Northern Beaches Storage Needs:

  • We operate a safe and efficient storage facility using industry recommended timber modules to ensure proper ventilation and protection for your valuables from deterioration, mould and pests;
  • We’re a trusted, reliable local company with 25 years serving the Northern Beaches and North Shore communities;
  • Large fleet of purpose-built removals trucks available for the safe transport of your prized possessions;
  • GREAT STORAGE RATES. We offer affordable storage solutions without compromising the safe handling or security of your goods.


For a limited time we’ll provide two men and a truck for two hours* – absolutely free ($380 value!) – to attend your home and load a 10m3 timber module for transport to our Northern Beaches storage facility!

*Conditions Apply: 1/ Offer is applicable to local collection only (*to fit within the two hour turnaround, base-to base); 2/ Goods need to be packed ready for loading; 3/ Minimum lodgement term is 6 months (at $48 per week) or twelve months (at $42 per week) – payment is required upfront for the discount to be applied (contact us for our regular pay-by-the-month rates). 4/ Properties with difficult access may attract a surcharge which will be negotiated before pickup. PLEASE NOTE: All other Sydney areas catered for storage – please enquire about standard charge for collection outside the Northern Beaches. SECURE YOUR SPACE NOW!.

Questions to Ask Prospective Storage Companies:

Northern Beaches Storage pic

  • How will your goods be stored?
  • Are you able to make an inspection of the storage location before signing any contracts?
  • What insurance is available while your goods are in storage?
  • What systems are in place to cover adequate maintenance of your goods while in storage? i.e. are your goods covered while in store, and are they checked regularly?
  • Is there a danger of pest destruction of your goods whole in storage?

Types of Storage

Open stack/free standing

Effective for long and short term storage. Furniture items may be wrapped in a furniture removal blanket and/or protected with specially designed covers and sectioned off. Your goods will be delivered to store, where they will be unloaded and professionally stacked into their storage area.


Storage Modules

Effective for long term storage. These large wooden boxes (10m3 are designed to hold household goods uncover within a storage facility and ensure a dust free environment and complete isolation from other items.

Usually your goods will be delivered to store, where they will be unloaded and professionally stacked into their own wooden box.

In some instances your goods may be packed into the container on site and delivered by truck to the storage area. This ensures only single handling of your goods.

Pest Control and Safety Inspections

  • All members are required to ensure their stores are free from pests and are subject to regular store inspections by Pest Inspectors
  • All members storage facilities have regular plumbing and electrical inspections to ensure complete safety of stored goods.

Insurance for Stored Goods

  • Any insurance cover you choose during the removal can be extended to cover these goods during the storage period. This will attract a separate fee.

Storage Suggestions

  • Refrigerators should be thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water, a little bleach, and then dried. Wiping the interior with a soft cloth with vanilla essence will ensure the interior is kept fresh.
  • Washing machines and dishwashers should have all water drained from their interiors, including pipes. The inner and outer bowl of the washing machine should be secured to prevent mechanical derangement
  • Before storing any mechanical or electrical goods, check with the manufacturer for any specific instructions.

Storing Valuables

  • Ensure you have not packed documents you will need before you take delivery of your goods – passports, medical records, tax records, licenses etc.
  • As silverfish and moths are the greatest risk to clothing, the items should be clean. Sealing in air tight packages reduces the risk of deterioration.
  • Ensure no inflammable liquids, perishable foodstuffs or other hazardous items have been stored.
  • Ensure your jewellery is not included in your storage container.
  • Have any carpets and rugs to be kept in storage cleaned, prior to stowing.


Storage of your goods in any facilities other then those specifically designed is dangerous due to the risk of fire, theft, pest damage and water/rain damage. With a company like Pittwater Removals, you have complete assurance that your goods are safe and are in a controlled and secure environment.

Reasons to Store Furniture & Belongings

Situations can arise, frequently at short notice, that will demand a short or long term storage solution for your belongings. Some typical scenarios:

  • Moving house – downsizing from a larger to smaller accommodation;
  • Moving overseas for work or leisure;
  • The dissolution of a relationship or marriage;
  • Transitionary moves while awaiting the completion of your new home;
  • and so on…

Whatever your reasons, and obviously they can remain private, please contact our secure Northern Beaches storage facility today to secure your space.


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