Pre-Packing & Unpacking Services

Pre-packing and unpacking service - Pittwater Removals & Storage

Packing all your belongings into boxes can be the most time-consuming and tedious part of a move – so don’t spend days or even weeks packing. Why not take advantage of our professional packers who specialise in pre-packing? With their expertise, you can save valuable time and energy by allowing them to come in the day before your move and handle the entire packing process. Our skilled team will efficiently and meticulously pack everything for you, ensuring that your belongings are properly organised and protected during transportation. By opting for our pre-packing service, you can experience a stress-free moving experience, knowing that your items are in the hands of professionals.

This way, you don’t have to live around boxes for weeks prior to your move, meaning less disruption to you and your family during what’s likely to be a very chaotic period. We can pack your entire contents of your house or just the kitchen, breakables and delicate items. For packing the rate is as little as $125 per hour for 2 professional packers and the average kitchen can take around 4 hours.

When moving you might want to do your own packing, and if you do, we can supply you with packing materials and an easy-to-follow packing guide. However, we can offer specialist packers to prepare your move for you. This will include packing the items that you may feel requires the most specialist attention. Those delicate items including china, glass or any fragile items you may have. Our pre-packing are fully trained in packing expensive items as well as everyday items.

We offer the following packing services:

Full Storage & Removals Packing Service, Sydney:

  • A professionally trained team will arrive at your house, sometimes a day before the move, and they will pack the entire household for you, taking extra special care with fragile, valuable or unusual items. The team can also unpack on arrival at your new home.

China & Glass

  • If you are quite happy to pack most of your possessions, but want to make sure that extra special care of your fragile china and glassware is taken, then our professional packers wrap these items and pack them safely for transportation.

Books, Utensils, and Linen

  • We can also simply pack the more awkward, heavier household items such as books, utensils, or linen.


  • Our purpose-made wardrobe cartons transport your clothes still on their hangers, ensuring that they arrive at your new house in the best condition possible.

Part Packing Service:

  • Normally china, glass, other breakables and hanging clothing.

Antiques and Fine Art

  • We specialise in the removal of the finest antiques and replicas. We have the expertise to carry out removals of this delicate nature due to the number of years that we have been involved in the removals industry. Furthermore, we have the tools for the job and take the up most care to insure no upsets.

DIY Packing

  • With self packing, we will supply the packing materials required for you to prepare your household contents, ready for our staff to load on your chosen moving day.

Pittwater Removals will be pleased to quote you, regardless of size and distance, for when you intend to move anywhere within Sydney or up or down Australia’s east coast. We can transport your belongings personally, and our experienced drivers operate all over the country with expertise. When you choose Pittwater Removals for your move, we take every care to protect and transport your belongings safely.