Offshore and Barge Removals – Sydney and Northern Beaches

BargeFor houses across Sydney and in the Northern Beaches region that are accessible by water only, we can arrange a small barge or a large flat barge onto which our trucks can drive. Additionally a jeep and trailer can be organised for Scotland Island.

Moving to a house with water access presents its own challenges. With 25 years performing removals on and off Scotland Island, Elvina Bay and Lovett Bay we have the experience to manage the risk and coordinate barges while keeping tides in mind. Also being a small community we will try not to inconvenience nearby residents and will be respectful the delicate environment in which we’re working.

No offshore or island removals project is too large or too small…

Regardless of the size of your move we can help with a cost-effective and efficient service. Forget trying to rope an unreliable mate – allow us to professionally and safely transport your property from A to B.