Interstate Removals & Backloading

Interstate Removals

We offer 2 types of interstate removals, both with a couple of options:

Express Freight - Full Loads

Firstly, there's express freight – where a load or consignment has to be picked up and delivered on a certain date. Usually one day between pick up day and delivery day is required unless there's a weekend in-between. For example, mid-week, pick up on a Monday and deliver on a Wednesday, or, pick up on a Friday and delivery on a Tuesday. This option is usually for full loads when you are transporting a sizable load or need your belongings to arrive on a set day. The delivery of your effects will be scheduled to take place on the date specified by you.

Non Express Freight - Part Loads

Secondly, there's non-express freight – where there's flexibility with the pickup and delivery dates. This is a much cheaper option if you're not in a hurry and you need a few days to get to your new destination and get prepared. Your goods are loaded into module containers and sent on the next available transport truck. This is usually best for Part Loads or if you're moving on a budget. Our part load service provides a cost-effective method of delivery. The financial savings can be significant, often representing a saving over a special journey. Provided you're willing to be flexible with the delivery dates, this method is well worth considering.

Module Container Loads

We will load you goods into our module containers and have your goods stored until they are ready to be transferred to your new home. Each module is 10 metres 3 and the price varies depending on the amount of property, the distance and the access at both ends. This is a good option if you new house is not going to be ready or you need a little bit of time to enjoy the journey to your new home. We can store your goods for as long as you like then deliver when you are ready.


Backloading is a term coined about hundred years ago. It means to bring a load or consignment back home to your original town, city, state or country. This is because the vehicle is returning home anyway and better to have some paying load rather than nothing. For example a Sydney based company with a truck heading back from Queensland is looking for back loads. If a Sydney based company is taking goods to Queensland this is called a forward load. With backload there can be great savings as long as the dates line up.

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