How To Pack

Packing Plates:

  • Use towels, sheets or crushed up paper to line a book box ( Packing Tip – If you use butchers paper it comes in large sheets and is acid free).
  • Lay out paper in one pile.
  • Place plate in the middle of the paper, fold in one corner of the sheet of the paper over the plate place another plate on the top and repeat until in a group of four to six.
  • Wrap plates in a bundle and place into the box on their side ( Packing Tip – This way they are much stronger individually other wise if they are flat the bottom plate has the weight of all the plates on top and could break).
  • Fill the box this way and place more padding on the top until box is full ( Packing Tip – The less air gaps in the box the the less chance of the box collapsing and the stronger it will be).

Packing Glasses:

Wine GlassesHow to pack glasses and tumblers.

  • Place glass diagonal angel at one corner of the paper.
  • Roll halfway then fold in both ends and continue rolling up until it is a tight package ( Packing Tip – As you are rolling up the glass try and wrap as much crush paper around the stem).
  • Place into lined box upside down.
  • Make sure there is padding inside boxes all way to the bottom.

Glass Tumblers

  • Place glass diagonal at one corner of the paper.
  • Roll halfway then fold in the bottom of the glass side and continue rolling to the end.
  • Carefully tuck paper into the open end of the glass ( Packing Tip – Some large glasses can have the paper tucked in the opening however if the glass is thin it may break).
  • Place into lined box standing upright.

Packing Books:

  • Books can be pack into book boxes only. They are made to a size that can be filled with books and the cardboard box is still strong enough to hold the weight.

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