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We offer two flexible pricing options to save you money - refer to our hourly and fixed rate pricing info below.
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Flexible Pricing - Hourly Rate or Fixed Price:

Removals Rates Pricing - Option 01

Competitive Hourly Rates:

IDEAL FOR NORTHERN BEACHES AND NORTH SHORE REMOVALS, hourly rates commence when our vehicles leave the depot en route to your job and conclude when they return to our base. Vehicles are tracked via GPS and their routes logged. To account for traffic holdups and other unforeseen circumstances we employ a capped pricing system based on average travel times so you're not billed unreasonably. There are also some steps you can take to ensure a smooth move and save yourself time and money - refer to our Packing Tips. And don't forget to check out the 'Do's and Don't's of Moving and also our list of Ineligible Items and other items that may require your attention before they can be safely transported. Contact us today on 1300 420 958 to get an estimate of costs or complete the quote form linked below.

Removals Rates Pricing - Option 02

Fixed Price Removals Quote:

FOR LARGE MOVES, INTERSTATE MOVES, COMPLICATED MOVES AND REMOVALS JOBS WHERE SIGNIFICANT DISTANCES ARE INVOLVED (i.e. proximity of your pick up and drop off addresses from our depot), it can be cost-effective for us to calculate your move in advance based on the knowledge we've gleaned over 25 years in the removals industry. We'll factor in time, distance and the volume of property to be transported so you'll have a fixed price and the peace-of-mind of knowing there'll be no hidden surprises. Typically we'll call on you for a FREE IN-HOME CONSULTATION. Contact us on 1300 420 958 or use our Removals Calculation Form and we'll get back to you promptly with a quote and/or to arrange an appointment.

Removals Pricing Guide:


1 or 2 Items Only

1 Man + Small Truck or Ute

  • Removals - Man and a Truck


($) P.O.A

1 - 2 Bedroom Unit

2 Men + Medium Truck

  • Removals - Two Men and a Truck


($) P.O.A

3 - 4 Bedroom House

3-4 Men + Large Truck

  • Removals - 3 Men and a Truck


($) P.O.A

Fixed Price Quote

Requires FREE In-Home Consultation*

  • Removals - In Home Consultation - Fixed Price Option


How our removals prices are calculated:

To provide you with an accurate quote we take into account the volume of belongings to be moved and also make an appraisal of the locations at both the pick up and drop off addresses to account for difficulties with parking and access. Based on this information we'll allocate a suitable vehicle from our fleet along with a predetermined number of employees to carry out your job as efficiently as possible. As a guide, the panels above illustrate the allocation of resources applicable to routine removals jobs.