Packing Tips

Moving Home or Office? Convenient Packing Tips:

To help you with your move below is a pre-move checklist. This will ensure that you are prepared for your removal and will also guarantee that the job will run smoothly and be completed within the estimated timeframe.

This checklist only applies when our packing service is not engaged.

  • Clearly label each box with the room in the new home to which it should be placed and with fragile items label a brief description of the contents. No open top boxes, please.
  • Pack all items that will fit into a box to be packed in the appropriate box.
  • Pack all items from drawers.
  • Lamp shades to be removed from the base and packed in suitable boxes.
  • Pack microwave plate separately (if it is glass).
  • Please don’t use boxes smaller than a wine box. Pack into larger boxes.
  • Large tuff green plastic bags can be used to place cushions, pillows and soft toys etc.
  • Small items of the same or similar size to be bundled and taped.
  • All electrical items to be unplugged and roll the cords up.
  • Rugs to be rolled up and taped ready for transport.
  • Gas bottles will need to be removed from BBQ taken by customer and grease traps cleaned.
  • Flammable liquids or gas cans not be taken by the removalist. E.g., turps, methylated spirits.
  • Motor items to be drained of fuel.
  • No paint tins even if they have not been opened.
  • Leave large pictures, TV’s, computer screen, etc. To be left out for the removalist to wrap and pack these items accordingly.

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