Red flags when shopping for removalist companies

While most moving companies are honest, the moving industry is unregulated therefore is vulnerable to scams and unfortunately has attracted some unscrupulous operators. Rogue movers typically work like this: Without ever visiting your home or seeing the goods you want moved, they’ll give you a low-ball estimate over the phone or online. Then, once your […]


Junking Big Electronics and Appliances

Junking Big Electronics and Appliances Today, people continue to think progressively when it comes to the health of the environment. Although it might save you time in the long run, tossing old, large electronics and appliances directly into the nearest dumpster which can substantially fuel ecological decline. As an individual, this action may seem insignificant […]


I was told that I could get ‘free insurance’ by a removal company.

I was told that I could get ‘free insurance’ by another removal company. Why don’t you also offer that? The free insurance that some removalist companies offer is their insurance that they may have for themselves. This is only transit insurance and is not for the customer directly, and if a claim is made the […]