Junking Big Electronics and Appliances

Junking Big Electronics and Appliances

Today, people continue to think progressively when it comes to the health of the environment, especially in the context of Junking Big Electronics and Appliances. Although it might save you time in the long run, tossing old, large electronics and appliances directly into the nearest dumpster can substantially fuel ecological decline. As an individual, this action may seem insignificant compared to the grand scheme of things, but it’s the individual contributions that comprise the aggregate detrimental effect. Here are some quick and “less” dirty ways to go about eliminating old equipment.


Before you decide to throw away an item, consider its value. Maybe you’re the type of person who takes great care of your belongings, and maybe you recently got a pay rise at your job, and now you want to purchase a new flat screen television or a new set of stainless steel kitchen appliances. If the old gear functions properly, why not try to sell it? For local buyers, make a simple Gumtree ad or look into Lawson’s Auctions or even host your own garage sale. For national / distant buyers, head to eBay – just make sure the buyer handles shipping costs!


In general, donating reusable belongings is a win-win for all parties involved. The recipient(s) benefit because they receive something functional and at no cost, whereas the donor benefits from the knowledge of knowing they helped someone. Plus, if the organisation qualifies as a deductible gift recipient, the donor could be eligible for a tax deduction. However, the donation must be a true gift and must meet certain value standards. A word to the wise: in instances where furniture, appliances and electronics are too big to move, worn out or otherwise difficult to repurpose, consider looking into a backup plan.


Most local waste disposal companies will allow you to drop off old appliances, however, you’ll likely be responsible for transportation. On the other hand, rubbish removal services can be hired to come to your place of residence and pick up unwanted items. These options are ideal for irreparable belongings. If it is electronics that require disposal, call up local electronic stores, as some operate electronic and computer recycling programs. In some cases, they’ll even pick up the electronics for free or at a low cost.

Furthermore, the Fridge Buyback Program is a good option for those looking to purchase a new, more efficient refrigerator. The program includes a free collection service and taken in more than 49,103 fridges!


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