Do’s and Don’ts of Moving House


  • Make insurance arrangements;
  • Ask questions about items that concern you;
  • Keep children and pets away from the activity;
  • Make sure the path to the removal vehicle is clear;
  • Pack items you will need upon arrival in a box and place in your car;
  • Keep jewellery, passports and other valuable documents in your hand bag or a special box and place in your car;
  • Check the manufacturers instructions for moving appliances;
  • Empty all garden machinery, bikes or other petrol powered items safely;
  • If traveling interstate, wash all garden implements of all soil etc;
  • Empty the vacuum cleaner and replace the bag with a clean one;
  • Keep cleaning equipment apart so you can clean when the removalist has gone;
  • Walk around the house and check every cupboard before leaving the house;
  • Make sure you sign and read all documentation.
  • Trust in the professionalism of our removalists;


  • Don’t leave any articles you don’t want packed in the house;
  • Don’t offer alcohol as a refreshment;
  • Don’t produce additional items requiring transport that haven't been factored into your quote. Obviously if you've overlooked something, please mention it to your removalists but be aware, it may incur additional cost;
  • Don’t impede the removalists as they move around your house;
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes or dirty clothing unattended. They may be packed as is!
  • Don’t leave food in the fridge;
  • Don’t empty the BBQ bottle by simply letting gas out into the atmosphere;
  • Don’t pack ammunition, aerosol cans and other explosive items (check out our full list of ineligible items here);
  • Please don’t distract the workmen other then to ask questions;
  • Don’t let any of your goods be packed without the correct paperwork being received and signed.