Pet Transportation

The Crate

The crate must be the correct size for your pet. It also must comply with the strict guidelines set down by IATA, the international organisation that watches airline standards.

Your pet must be able to stand, lie down and turn around in the crate with ease, but there may not be so much room that it may injure itself.

In fact, most airlines will only accommodate one type of crate and these are available from the recommended pet transportation company you should use.

To asses the correct size for your pet, measure the animal in the manner illustrated. Your pet transportation company will ask for this information. Measure from the tip of the nose to the rear and from the top of the head to the floor.

Choice of pet transportation company

  • Is the company a registered member of an accredited association?
  • Does the company have boarding facilities?
  • Have you visited the premises to make sure your pet will be comfortable while in their care?
  • Are their vehicles air conditioned in the rear compartment with sound proofing on the floors and sides?
  • Is there adequate access to fresh clean water?

Pet preparation

  • You are required to have a current vaccination certificate. If you don’t you should get one from your vet immediately. Your pet will not be transported without one.
  • The Pet Transportation Company should inform you of all necessary quarantine requirements when moving pet’s interstate.
  • Before the packers or removal company arrive to pack your household, make sure your pet is confined, either in an enclosed cage or on a leash. This will ensure your pet is where you want him/her to be when you are ready to leave.
  • If you think your pet will be disturbed by the activity, it is a good idea to board your pet with the transportation company you choose.

What to expect from the pet transport company

  • A good company will collect your pet from your home, board, feed and keep him her comfortable until you are in your new location
  • They will then deliver your pet to your home
  • All pets should be able to be transported including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish and other animals.
  • They should be able to obtain General Health Certificates, vaccinations, flea washers, medication, state vet inspections and other requirements necessary prior to your pet’s journey.
  • For air travel they should arrange flight bookings and ensure the timely delivery to the point of departure and collection at destination.

Once again – Check the pet transportation company’s boarding facilities. Vets surgeries are an inappropriate form of normal boarding and you should make sure this is not where your pet will be before collection.

Costs you can expect

  1. Crate purchase
  2. Veterinary charges
  3. General health certificate
  4. Boarding costs ( If applicable)
  5. Airway bill – paperwork handling fee charged by the airline
  6. freight charges
  7. The cost of appointments and arrangements, traveling to and from the various places and finally to the point of departure and destination
  8. Cost of quarantine – If applicable.

Most of this information has been provided by Skypet Animal Transport.