I was told that I could get ‘free insurance’ by a removal company.

I was told that I could get ‘free insurance’ by another removal company. Why don’t you also offer that?

free insurance articleThe free insurance that some removalist companies offer is their insurance that they may have for themselves. This is only transit insurance and is not for the customer directly, and if a claim is made the money goes to the removalist and they decide how much the claimant is paid.

In other words the insurance policy/certificate is in the name of the removal company and belongs to them not the client.
However AFRA removalists are able to provide removal and storage insurance that will cover your goods and provide a policy/certificate in your name.
So if you are offered ‘free’ insurance by a removal company, you owe it to yourself to ensure:
  • The company is registered with ASIC as a licensee or as an authorised representative to provide insurance
  • The person discussing insurance must have a valid authorisation stating he or she is a licensee or authorised representative.
  • The policy identifies you, the customer, as the insured party
  • You receive a certificate of insurance validating your insurance with your name and the name of the insurance company on it along with their contact details.


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