Could I save money by getting boxes from shops?

You may think to use odd boxes or open boxes from the fruit market may save you money however this is not true as it takes the movers longer to pack a truck as fruit boxes are odd shapes, they don’t stack very well, fit evenly, they can crush and fall apart. Removalist boxes are made to a certain size that fits across the truck perfectly, saving space and time. Also, they are double corrugated for extra strength.  Another reason is, if boxes are too small let’s say like a shoe boxes this will take longer as the movers could only possibly carry 5 or more of these at a time as appose to one large box that could fit 10 to 15 shoe boxes in it. The larger boxes move quicker and reduce the risk of any damage.
Fruit boxes can be a safety issue, one example is a removalist went to place a light open-top fruit box into the truck just above his shoulder height. As the removalist was placing the box a knitting needle shot out from the top of the open box hitting the removalist in the face on his cheek just below his eye. The removalist could not react in time, as his both hands were holding the box at the time. In this story, he was not injured, but it could have been very different. Always use sealed boxes or if the box can’t be sealed place packaging paper over the top of the box and tape it down, so nothing can come out.

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