How do I save money on my move?

This is a question often asked and there are a few simple methods.
Firstly try to choose a company that is in the area or in the area you are moving to, this will reduce the travelling time and reduce the cost.
If you are comfortable with it and like recycling use second hand removalist boxes and ask if they will buy them back after you have finished with them without any time limits on the return.
You can save a lot of money by inspecting all your furniture and making sure you are not moving furniture you are only going to throw out when you get to your new home or it doesn’t suit the new home. This is a good tip if you are moving interstate because your move will be on space not time.
Dissembling and reassembling – beds, washing machines or any other furniture can save time and space if you are going into storage.

You can use thick strong garbage bags, to put donnas, cushions, pillows and soft toys in them. This will save buying a box, it will keep them clean and the movers can easily carry four at a time- as long as they are tuff bags and later you can reuse them as a garbage bag. Keep them next to the bed so in the morning on moving day just get out of bed shove your bedding into a few bags and your done!