Boxes & Packaging Materials


Packaging Materials

All boxes are delivered FREE and there is a $1 refund on all boxes delivered back to our warehouse with no time limits. If you require carton collection there is no buy back just the service of removing the cartons.

Packaging_paperPackaging Paper:

Ideal for large and small packing jobs. 25 kilograms ream White acid free.
Dimensions: 620mm x 800mm

Full Ream 25 kg – $50.00 each

Half Ream 12 kg – $30.00 each


Packing_tapePackaging Tape:

The most used tape in the industry. Exceptional adhesion and long lasting with low deterioration. Tip: Avoid boxes breaking open by rollin tape over box – do not stretch the tape when applying.

Dimensions: Length 75 metres Width 48 mm Colour Brown.

Per Roll – $3.90 each


Marker_pensMarker Pens:

Bullet point pen tip. Permanent black colour ink.

Dimensions: Colour Black.

Per Pen – $3.00 each


Book_boxBook Box:

Sturdy single layer corrugated cardboard. Ideal for packing books, CDs and Wine.

Dimensions: Length 406 mm Width 298 mm Height 431 mm.

New – $4.50 each

Second Hand – $2.00 each


Tea_chestStandard Carton / Tea Chest:

The most used box in moving. Tough twin cushion cardboard. Ideal for domestic, international and office moves.

Dimensions: Length 431 mm Width 406 mm Height 596 mm.

New – $5.50 each

Second Hand – $3.00 each



PortarobePortable Wardrobes: 

Packing your wardrobe has never been easier with this super strong twin cushioned port-a-robe. No folding of clothes necessary, just hang them directly onto the steel rail. Extra heavy duty.

Dimensions: Length 595 mm Width 479 mm Height 1106 mm.

Hire – FREE

Buy – $25.00 each



Lounge_coverPlastic Lounge Covers:

Protection from dirt, dust and water during moving or storing. Slips easily over two and three seater lounges. Armchair Covers

New – $12.00 each


Bubble_wrapBubble Wrap:

Provides cushioning for fragile or bulky items.

Paintings without glass need to be packaged in bubble wrap as removalist blankets may stick to the paint and leave fluff on the painting.

Dimensions:1 metre x 1.5 metres

Per Square Metre – $1.50



Bed_coverPlastic Mattress Covers:

Protection from dirt, dust and water during moving, storing or renovation. Extra heavy duty. King Bed Cover.  Queen Bed Covers. Double Bed Covers. Single Bed Covers

New – $12.00 each