12 Reasons to Choose an AFRA Removalist

The knowledge that the AFRA Removalist has been through a selection procedure has had to meet very strict criteria and agreed to abide by a code of conduct. Before membership is approved by Council, an independent auditor has inspected the business and confirmed that their procedures and paper work are correct.
Each member puts up a financial bond to the Association to illustrate their commitment to the code of conduct.
An AFRA Removalist member has the correct paper work for insurance, quotations, contracts and inventories. This paper work has been scrutinised by the auditor and approved by the Association.
In the event of a problem that cannot be resolved at the company level, the client can approach the AFRA head office for assistance in resolving the claim. I the event that this is not successful, an independent disputes tribunal will adjudicate. The AFRA removalist member has agreed to abide by this decision. The client may decide to take further action through Fair Trading.
A client using an AFRA removalist member can access information to help them with their relocation through the AFRA Office.
To illustrate AFRA’s credibility within the industry, all the major national removal companies are committed to the AFRA ideal.
AFRA has a training program commitment which is available to all members. This training is available through various outlets including TAFE courses in the Australian States and Territories. AFRA removalist members are required to provide training for all their staff. AFRA has training tools available for members to assist them in making sure their staff performs professionally and without danger to themselves or their surroundings.
AFRA removalist members are required to carry insurance for their protection and for their client’s personal safety of up to $10, 000, 000. They also have the correct Transit insurance to further protect the client’s possessions.
AFRA removalist members recognize the stress that clients maybe under during a move and make every effort to assist in alleviating the anxiety that often accompanies relocation.
Each AFRA removalist member has approved premises for conducting their business, secure storage facilities where a member gives this service, and properly maintained vehicles that are appropriate for the conduct of their business. These premises are not open for public inspection.
The assurance that your removal will be completed with as little drama as possible.
The security of knowing your furniture will arrive and not disappear without a trace.